When I first joined SapientNitro, I uprooted my family to be co-ECD of the West Coast. Six months in, I was asked if I'd consider moving back to Chicago to transform an office that was all tech into a diversified agency-like object. The morale there was low. The space was a dump. And there was no recognizable form of creative expression coming out of it. That, to me, smelled like opportunity. So the family and I went back from whence we came.

The plan was simple. Design a more inspiring space. Build a more vibrant culture. Hire the best and brightest in all sorts of disciplines. And combine their diverse superpowers for good rather than evil.

We doubled revenue, tripled the creative department (art, copy, UX), won awards for the work and the workplace, and couldn't help picking up almost everything we pitched with our unique approach to building brand ecosystems. Here's just one nugget from this endeavor—one of the annual "party experiments" we conducted during Social Media Week to draw a crowd of potential recruits: