The RFP for this giant healthcare company was for the website only, but on page 2, there was a glancing mention of Apple-like brand aspirations. So we overreached in the pitch, showed them expansive brand ideas about unlocking human potential, and ended up winning the opportunity to create the first global corporate brand in Abbott's 125-year history. Not to mention the first work of this kind, at this scale, for SapientNitro.

"Life. To the fullest." After countless meetings with the CEO, Global Marketing Council and innumerable interested parties from the farthest reaches of a 70,000-person company, this was the platform we created. We articulated the company's purpose and values, and drilled this brand down into a gazillion divisions, regions and initiatives—internal at first, then we went public. 

We created all sorts of content, from website articles about health advances, to white papers for company leaders, to ads for divisions and subdivisions (with a focus on India and China), to videos about people inside and outside the company pushing the limits of human potential. Like this one:

We created all the materials for their partnerships with TedMed and the World Marathon Majors (Tokyo, London, Boston, Berlin, Chicago, New York), including this experience at the marathons' Health Expo. Step inside the pod to create a "superhumanized" video of yourself. See yourself broadcast on the big screen at the Expo. Share it in social. 


And yes, we built the corporate website too. With content adapted to dozens of countries.