For "The X Factor" website, we focused on the X factor trait—defining, nurturing and celebrating that innate star power that resides in all of us. On the homepage, choose from the ever-diminishing lineup of contestants, and your selection steps forward on the stage and belts out his or her signature riff. As the site learns your favorite contestant, it surfaces that person first on repeat visits. 

Midway into the season, you can vote to bring back an eliminated contestant with a Pepsi "Refresh." (Pepsi's the main sponsor.)

Each contestant has her own profile page, which aggregates all the content (clips, interviews, behind the scenes), fan outreach and social buzz (including the occasional judge or celebrity comment) pertaining to her. 

And then there's the X Factor Rating, where we break down this trait into four subcategories: Voice, Look, Energy and Presence. Score her on each of these categories to contribute to her overall rating, boost her confidence and even influence the judges' assessments.

Your dashboard tracks the contestants' performance: real-time changes in the community's X Factor Ratings, running social commentary of each person, and footage of new developments between shows. It also tracks your performance: alignment of your ratings to the community's, and your ability to predict winners and losers. Post your confidence boosters here, to try to influence your contestant's show performance, and therefore your prediction performance.

Viewing parties are enabled by this second-screen app, where you and your friends dish on the contestants during the show—and compare your own ratings and predictions.

After the show is over and the winner is announced, stay engaged with "The X Factor Challenge." Submit a video of yourself performing the winner's final song, and if you earn enough votes, you win an automatic spot at next season's auditions.

The X Factor Rating graphic then takes on a life of its own, comprised of all sorts of subcategories, and used to rate all sorts of people, places and things.

During the off season, our "X Factor Scouts" hit the streets looking for everyday people with that innate star power. The Scouts' appearances at events around the country are publicized, and have the effect of producing more energetic crowds wherever they turn up. The people they pluck from these crowds end up at next season's auditions.