One of the few truly strategic people who can execute like a mother.
— Marshall Ross, CCO, Cramer-Krasselt
Whether you need someone to write killer headlines, run a meeting, or just be the tallest guy in the room, John always delivers.
— Sam Bergen, ECD, VICE Media
In our time working together I feel I learned more about the creative process than with any other creative partner.
— Heather Malenshek, VP Global Marketing, Harley-Davidson
As a strategic thinker, idea thinker-upper, copywriter, mentor, collaborator, leader...they don’t get any better than the remarkable Mr. Carstens.
— David R. Mitchell, SVP/ECD, Wells Fargo
One of the guys from one of the other teams came up to me afterward and said, ‘What the fuck was that? I can’t compete with that.’ Exactly. That’s John. Hard to beat. Really hard to beat.
— Dominick Maiolo, EVP/ECD, Leo Burnett
He’s the kind of leader that you welcome while you are in the trenches of critical pitches or projects.
— Michael Chiong, CMO, SurePeople
Scary smart, wickedly funny, with ideas that are always surprising and fresh.
— Barbara Werner, Group Planning Director, mcgarrybowen
John is a crazy great writer and fearless presenter.
— Tom Raith, Portfolio Director, IDEO
This is the guy you want to strut into a room like he’s cock of the walk and present a mind-blowing integrated campaign.
— Todd Crisman, Global Awesome Generator, ST5K
— Tim Cook, CEO, Apple
Smart. Talented. Impeccably coiffed. And most importantly, tall.
— Anonymous Commenter, AgencySpy