BLACKBERRY: Diplo's World

One reason we chose DJ, producer and BlackBerry user Diplo is that he performs in tailored suits. At first glance he looks like the typical CrackBerry corporate dude, but he quickly eviscerates that perception.

Here's the program. First, to get the cool kids talking, Diplo loses his beloved BlackBerry. The guy who finds it boasts about it all over the interwebs, and posts a video of its contents: contacts, audio samples, bookmarks and hot photos of nasty ladies. Thus commences a public spat between Diplo and the anonymous perpetrator, who tries selling the phone on eBay.

Then, the jig is up. All that cool stuff on Diplo's phone appears on as a demo of the new operating system, and the TV spot you watched above is broadcast to the masses. At this point we blow out this partnership with Diplo and his label, Mad Decent. We release limited-edition graphics, tracks, music videos and Major Lazer cartoons.

We hand-pick 30 on-the-tip BlackBerry users from around the world to join Diplo's secure BBM group, where they're part of his intimate creative circle. They scour all corners for music, sounds, visuals and other material for Diplo and his collaborators to make new things—for exclusive content and BlackBerry-sponsored events.