Working out of DDB Berlin, my team developed this brand campaign that won Reebok's global business. With Nike and Adidas (Reebok's parent company) duking it out over performance supremacy, we shifted Reebok's focus to the simple joy of activity—with a cheeky sensibility reminiscent of the brand's heyday in the 80's. This redefinition impacted communications, product nomenclature, sponsorship decisions and corporate behavior.

The website strips away the noise and categorizes products by their basic movements. Here you can also create and share your own "Ree" expression. Upload your video and add your Ree word, or create a mash-up from our gallery of user submissions, movie clips and other pop-culture artifacts. You share it. Reebok uses it.

A voyeuristic blog to promote Reebok's butt-toning shoe. Our blogger posts stills, videos and commentary about a neighbor he can see from his apartment window—a young woman who frequently examines her ass in her bedroom-window reflection. At one point she brings home a pair of EasyTone shoes, and he thoroughly documents her cheeks' improvement over time.