For this bar-domination effort for BBM, BlackBerry's ultra-secure instant messaging app, we used conversations between friends to reveal expressions of intimacy. Several bars in several cities were plastered with contextual friendship acts and messages. By the way, we wrote messages in each and every one of those little talk bubbles—dozens of executions with hundreds of bubbles each. 

At select high-profile bars, animated BBM conversations between groups of friends inside appear on giant LED screens outside. If you've got a BlackBerry, show it to the ladies at the door for exclusive BBM access to the DJ.

Coasters have part of a friendship phrase. Find who has the other part, and both (or all three) of you get a free drink.

The domination continues into the bathrooms.

On digital mirrors, BBM bubbles appear with what appears to be a live conversation about the person looking in the mirror—you. ("I wanted to talk to him but he disappeared in the bathroom." "Probably staring at himself in the mirror." "Yep.") Naturally, we made different versions for men's and women's bathrooms.