The AirTran client wanted to use Danica Patrick to promote its frequent flier program, dubbed "The Fastest Free Flight on Earth." They were thinking TV. Instead, we came up with this online racing game, where you race against Danica's Indy car with airport-themed vehicles and tracks. Sign up for the program and your game performance could win you a free flight.

Choose from a stair car, catering truck, luggage cart or people mover. Then race against Danica while she taunts you along the way. (We recorded her saying dozens of taunts, including one about the copywriter's baldness—that one's not in the game.)

The game was supported in print and online.

This flight-magazine insert and handout took the racing game to your trip through the airport, with stickers for your luggage and tips on cornering, drafting and avoiding the family of over-packers.

Trackside at Indy Racing League events: tents, van wraps, video billboards, gaming stations, Danica cutouts and autographed posters.